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This site is not an official Nye County Site. It was created as a place holder for the oral histories, documents, newspapers, materials and general information used for research and enjoyment of the general public and scholars.

It is a privilege to be working with other Nye County Historians to bring together the very diverse, exciting history of Nye County, Nevada. Starting in 2014 additional information will be added for those that would visit our area and want to know more about the history of select towns. Please be patient, this is in progress.

Enjoy the site, have fun, gain some knowledge, but most importantly remember not everything on this site can be freely published. Look at the copyright on each page to make your determination and read the terms of use before you proceed.

We will be including Goldfield, Esmeralda County in this site. It is impossible to sperate the town that became the largest city in Nevada in the early 1900's. To do so we would loose so much rich history that effected Nye County and it's citizens. One cannot even begin to understand the history of Southern Nye County without also including Goldfield. Investigate, read, marvel, but most of all enjoy the history of Nye and Esmeralda Counties in Nevada.

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