Original Date: 1987
Subject: Brothel and Store at Lathrup Wells Amargosa Valley.
Source: Los Angeles Times

Original Date: 1906
Subject: Important stop on the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad. Main shipping point for Johnnie and Greenwater, to the south. By 1904, a number of buildings were at Amargosa. After the completion of the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad to the south in 1907, Amargosa lost most of its importance. By 1914, town still had 25 people but by 1915, completely abandoned. Only the concrete foundation of the station remains.
Source: Central Nevada Museum
Original Date: 1906
Subject: Tubb Ranch in the Amargosa Valley. When this picture was taken the area was part of the Amargosa Valley (not Nye County) but worth adding to this collection. Currently it is known as Death Valley Junction, CA. and the Amargosa Opera House is sitting on the site of the Saloon building.
Source: Central Nevada Museum - Information from Death Valley Junction Historian Richard Regnell