Subject: Women and children at Rabbit Springs, about a quarter of a mile south of the present (1988) Highway Maintenance Building, Goldfield, Nevada, about 1920. Women at left in the hat is Marguerite Bradshaw, mother of Albert Nicholas Bradshaw. On the far right is Mrs. Hill. Albert Bradshaw may be the child third from the right in front.

Subject: Albert Bradshaw, far right, on his 70th birthday, Tonopah, Nevada, 1984. Bradshaw's sons, Gerald and Nick Bradshaw, and Nick's wife Lorraine joined him at the Lions Club for a surprise birthday party.
Subject: Bradshaw family reunion, Tonopah, Nevada, Christmas, about 1950. Back row, left to right: John O'Leary, George Bradshaw, Ray Miller, Francis Bradshaw, and Albert Nicholas Bradshaw. Middle row, from left: Betty Miller, holding daughter Nancy; Maisie Bradshaw O'Leary; Marguerite Bradshaw; Nick Bradshaw; Louise parker, wife of Francis Bradshaw; and Wilma Johnson Bradshaw, wife of Albert Bradshaw, holding their youngest son, Gerald. Front row, from left: Nick Bradshaw, John O'Leary, John Miller, Linda O'Leary, Lorraine Bradshaw, and Donna O'Leary.

Subject: Eighth grade graduation, Goldfield, Nevada, 1927. At the far left is David Walker; continuing from left are Raymond Jepperson, Calvin Conley, and Albert Bradshaw. Teacher Ora Mumford stands in back.

Subject: Eighth grade graduation, Goldfield, Nevada, 1927. Left to right: Catherine McNair, Margaret Malone, Eleanor Dillinger, and Astrid Johnson.

Subject: Bill Barrow and Albert Bradshaw at the collar of the Florence mine shaft, Goldfield, Nevada, about 1937. the men are holding their coffee and are preparing to descent 250 feet down the manway, to Bradshaw's left, to put in a shift.

Subject: A postcard picture of part of the red-light district in Goldfield, Nevada, 1907.

Subject: Although the town of Goldfield had produced tens of millions of dollars in ore, by the Depression money was scarce in town. Here, A. N. Bradshaw is pictured beside an FWD truck and a hard-rubber tired trailer, filled with firewood that had been collected in the mountains around Lida, Nevada. The wood was sold locally as a way of making money. Ca. 1930.

Subject: Young Albert Bradshaw selling Saturday Evening Posts at Luning, Nevada, about 1920.

Subject: Albert Bradshaw in his Western Union delivery boy's uniform, delivering a telegram, Goldfield, Nevada, late 1920's.

Subject: Luning School, Luning, Nevada, about 1919 or 1920. the school comprised grades one through eight. Standing on the top step, far left, is Francis Bradshaw, and next to him is Albert Bradshaw (in bib overalls).

Subject: A group of boys on a scouting trip, somewhere in the vicinity of Goldfield, possibly Fish Lake Valley. The boys are riding in a truck belonging to the United Land and Cattle Company, and the vehicle features hard-rubber tires. Ca. 1926

Subject: The Bradshaw children, probably Luning, Nevada, about 1920. From the left are Francis Bradshaw, Maisie Bradshaw, and Albert Bradshaw.

Subject: Scouting expedition, probably somewhere in the Goldfield area. Scoutmaster mr. Kyburz is flanked by Raymond Jepperson on the left and Charlie Olsen on the right. The car is a Buick roadster. Albert Bradshaw took the picture, probably 1920s.

Subject: A.N. Bradshaw, father of Albert Bradshaw, driving a Model-T truck about 1920, perhaps at the Gold Park Mine located about 10 miles north of Ione, Nevada. Note the truck's had-rubber tires in the rear, the chain drive, and the truck's seat, either homemade or borrowed from a wagon.

Subject: Marguerite Bradshaw and A.N. Bradshaw, parents of Albert Bradshaw, Tonopah, Nevada, Christmas, ca. 1950

Subject: The 20-30 Club in Tonopah, Nevada, in the 1940s. jack McCloskey is at the far left; Gerald Roberts is third from the left; Albert Bradshaw is standing at right, behind the hand of the man in the light suit holding the plaque.

Subject: Initiation night at the Elk's Hall, Goldfield, Nevada, about 1937 or 1938. Among those pictured are Ed Kitchen, Albert Bradshaw, Bill Barrow, A. N. Bradshaw, Dr. J. C. Cherry, John Koontz, John O'Leary, Doc Galvin, Leonard Traynor, and Mr. Sutherland.

Subject: A picture of a settlement sheet, received by Albert Bradshaw and his partners, from a shipment made from a lease at the Florence Mine, Goldfield, Nevada, in 1937, from the American Smelting and Refining Co. in Garfield, Utah.

Subject: A letter received by Albert Bradshaw and his partners in 1937 informing them of the sums due them as a result of shipments made from the Florence Mine, Goldfield, Nevada.