Subject: Bailing hay at the Resting Spring Ranch near Tecopa, California, approximately 1910.

Subject: At left, Dora Lee Brown, sister of Bob Lee and mother of Steve Brown, panning gold near the Resting Spring Ranch, around 1915. Clara Lee is in the center; third woman not identified.

Subject: Team and freight wagons, perhaps at the town of Johnnie, Nye County, Nevada, ca. 1910. Note the sign on the building in the background that reads "Buy Lots in Johnnie Now."

Subject: Believed to be the Resting Spring Ranch, date unknown.

Subject: Possibly Dora Lee Brown (second from left) pictured with fellow students at the Sherman Indian School at Riverside, California, probably around 1910.

Subject: Stacking hay, possibly at the Resting Spring Ranch near Tecopa, California; or may be either the Pahrump or Manse ranches, probably before 1925.

Subject: Irrigating at the Resting Spring Ranch near Tecopa, California, probably before 1915. Man on left may be Philander "Phi" Lee.

Subject: Date and location unknown, probably the Tecopa-Pahrump area.

Subject: Believed to be the Noonday mill, located not far from Tecopa, California. Date unknown.

Subject: John Yount's home on the Hidden Ranch, now known as the Hidden Hills Ranch, Pahrump Valley, Nye County, Nevada, about 1917. Located off to the right of this photograph was a windmill and a blacksmith shop.

Subject: Model-A Ford belonging to Bob Lee. no one was allowed to sit in the front seat of the car with Lee because it was reserved for Lee's dog. Pictured here are Dora Lee Brown, Bob Brown's daughter, and Margie Brown, Dora Lee Brown's granddaughter and daughter of Dora's son Steve Brown.

Subject: Philander Lee sitting in a buckboard with his daughter, Dora Lee Brown, probably around 1915. Probably photographed at Resting Spring, near Tecopa, California.
Subject: Believed to be the old Pahrump Store. Until a window was constructed to the left of the double doors, a post office was housed there, on the left side of the building's interior. Individuals pictured are not identified. The store was located on the Pahrump Ranch, Pahrump Valley, Nye County, Nevada. The picture is believed to date from before 1920. Woman may be Clara Lee, daughter of Phi Lee.

Subject: Left to right, Dick Lee, Bob Lee, Clara Lee, Dora Lee, all children of Philander and Mops Lee, ca. 1910. Mops is believed to be short for Moppitts, a word meaning old lady, or old woman, in southern Paiute. Woman on right not identified.

Subject: Unidentified men partaking of the "Oh Be Joyful," date and location unknown.

Subject: Steve Brown, Marcus Fizaldi, and Steve Brown's uncle, Bob Lee, in front of Bob Lee's home in the Pahrump Valley, approximately 1938.

Subject: The corral on the Pahrump Ranch, about 1950. Two large grain bins are visible in the distance. Behind the corral there was a pasture.

Subject: Maimie Steve and Bob Brown, Pahrump Valley, Nye County, Nevada, probably 1940's.

Subject: Bob Lee and his Model-A automobile, date unknown.

Subject: Picture not yet identified