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Clovers Movie

Released 2000

105 minutes

A 1996 open-and-shut murder case unravels after Las Vegas law enforcement authorities receive a mysterious videotape four years later from someone named "Clover." Delivered to them by an investigative reporter, the tape reveals the truth about the murder. Assistant Special-Agent-in-Charge Tom Mullin and Special Agent Harvey Thames meet with Las Vegas Metro Police Detectives Candace Fisher and Brad Bass to study the video for clues. As they watch, we watch.
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Some of the Cast

Brandon Dooley
as Jamey McGinnis

John La Due
as Jack McGinnis

Jeff Hill
as E.J. Smoot

Lara Mazour

The film was directed by Marko Sakren
Written by Brandon Dooley, Anthony MulHolland
Production Company: Unknown
Filming locations: Las Vegas, Nevada - Pahrump, Nevada