Subject: School picture, Tonopah, Nevada, about 1957. Bill Coombs, third from the right in the last row; Clyde Newman, killed in Vietnam, far right last row; Jimmy Franks, third from the right in the front row; Charley Cecchini, fifth from the right in the front. Remaining students not identified. - NOTE!: As identified by Charley Cecchini 3/23/3014 - Bottom row from left: Debbie Skanovsky, Beverly Jeffrey, Judy Bird, Patty Jones, Charlie Cecchini, Tom Beardsly, Jimmy Frank, Richard Richardson, Charlie Bertolino Middle row: from left: Gary Downs, Tasha Tomany, Jamie Pillars, Mike Robb, Lee Reborse, Tommy Cox, Billy Coombs, Mike Joy, Clyde Newman. Top Row from left: Kathleen Roberts, Stephanie Power?, Bill Robertson, Holly Hough.

Subject: Water truck near a tungsten mine operated by Curly Coombs above the Turk Ranch, Smoky Valley, Nevada, about 1952. Left to right, Shorty Morris, Norman "Curly" Coombs, Coomb's ex-wife

Subject: Nye County Sheriff Bill Thomas on the right, about 1952, with Norman "Curly" Coombs. Taken at the tungsten mine above the Turk Ranch in Smoky Valley, Nevada, owned by Sheriff Thomas, under least to a company and operated by Coombs.

Subject: Front view of the home of Norman "Curly" Coombs, located in Tonopah, Nevada about 1960. Coombs purchased the house about 1950 and moved into it the following year; the siding was added in 1955.

Subject: Bottle cellar at the Berg home in Round Mountain, Nevada. Cellar was constructed by Will Berg about 1915; photo ca. 1970.

Subject: Cabin on the Gold Star Claim, Royston Hills, Nye County, Nevada, near Cold Spring. Photo taken about 1984

Subject: View of Charles Street, Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada. House at near left belongs to Ed Slavin; the second house belongs to Alice Lorigan. Ca. 1970

Subject: View of Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada, about 1958. Mizpah Hotel is in the background next to the Butler Theatre and the Modern Barber Shop, then operated by Bob Williams.

Subject: Left to right, Norman "Curly" Coombs' sons Allen and Bill; Coombs' step-son's wife and her daughter; and behind the child, Norman "Curly" Coombs, ca. 1955.

Subject: Norman "Curly" Coombs at his mill at Royston, Nevada, panning gold in akitchen skillet, about 1985.

Subject: Photo taken at St. Ives, Cornwall, England, during 1960's. At the left is Selena Broom, aunt of Norman "Curly" Coombs. Selena Broom was born in Tonopah about 1903; not liking life in Tonopah, she returned to the "old country" to live.

Subject: A mill being constructed at Iron Canyon, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada, by Norman "Curly" Coombs during the middle 1950s. The mine was owned by the Meyers brothers. The Terrell brothers had a mining property not far to the north.

Subject: The No. 1 shaft at Round Mountain, Nevada, operated by Nevada Porphry, 1967. Foreman Norman "Curly" Coombs is pictured.

Subject: Front side of a stock certificate of the 1,250,000 shares of the Tonopah Divide Mining Company at $1.00 each. Billy Douglas, a prominent mine promoter in Tonopah, promoted the mine and was the company's president. A man named Erickson was the mine's boss.

Subject: Danny Murnane, at left, and Norman "Curly" Coombs, about 1967, at a mining claim at Divide, near Tonopah, Nye County, Nevada.

Subject: Living quarters constructed by Norman "Curly" Coombs at the tungsten mine in Iron Canyon, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada, middle 1950s. this building was eventually moved to town and attached to a house near the Odd Fellows Hall.

Subject: Students at the Tonopah public school, middle 1950s.

Subject: A mill constructed by Norman "Curly" Coombs in Smoky Valley, Nevada, about 1965. the mill included a ball mill and a 7-foot sluice box and used amalgamation. it had a 4-ton per day capacity. The mill used water from Jett Canyon and was located about 1/4 mile from the shaft where the ore was obtained.

Subject: A shaft sunk by Norman "Curly" Coombs, Round Mountain, Nevada, late 1960s. The shaft was located just below the No. 1 shaft in order to get back under the old mill, where it was believed some big pillars of ore could be found.

Subject: Post office, Round Mountain, Nevada about 1968.

Subject: Tonopah Jr. High School basketball team, early 1960s. the back row includes Gary Downs, Kretschmer, Wally Pete, and Joe Clifford. In the front row are Jaime Pillers, Diane Rogers, Clyde Newman, Jaime Franks, Mike Robb, Eddie Murphy, and Debbie Skanovsky. Others are not identified. NOTE!: As identified by Charley Cecchini 3/23/3014 - Top row from left: Gary Downs, Billy Coombs, Mike McCluey, Eddie Kretschmer, Wally Pete, Joe Clifford and Tom Fikani (Coach). Bottom Row from left: Debbie Skanovsky, Eddie Murphy, Mike Robb, Jimmy Frank, Tasha Tomany, Clyde Newman, Ray (Putt) Banovich, Jamie Pillars and Donna Prudehomme.

Subject: Long view of the early stages of construction of the cabin and mill in Iron Canyon, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada, middle 1950s. A tunnel was driven under the mountain, which included 1,000 feet of workings.

Subject: Looking north at the gallows frame of the old Orazaba Mine, about 40 miles north of Tonopah, Nevada, about 1977. Note the old steam boiler on the right.

Subject: View from the tungsten mine operated by Norman "Curly" Coombs in Smoky Valley, Nye County, Nevada, about 1952. Workings included a gallows frame and a shaft; the ore was hauled to Gabbs.

Subject: A small mill, known as a Black Mill, purchased for about $9,000 by Norman "Curly" Coombs about 1952, and set up in iron Canyon, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada. The mill was manufactured by a man named Black in Bishop, California