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Released in June 7, 1991

1 hour 28 minutes - Color

A man who has just embezzled money from his company is driving through the Nevada desert. He witnesses an accident and picks up a pretty girl and her psychotic boyfriend. The girl is a Las Vegas showgirl and the boyfriend turns out to be a professional killer, and he has no intention of letting the motorist finish the trip.
from IMDB description

I am not sure that you can even count one minute of time at Rhyolite. But you can see the Cook Bank building in the background and Patti (Jennifer Rubin) even comments that it used to be a bank. I guess that it is as good a place as any to have a flat tire. Even though it is not credited, a few seconds was shot in Las Vegas, NV. Most of the film takes place in the Amargosa Desert and Death Valley Junction, Ca.

Some of the Cast

Jim Metzler as George
Jennifer Rubin as Patti
Kyle Secor as Chevy
Jerry Orbach as Larry

Screen Shots from the Movie

The film was directed by Carl Colpaert
Written by Carl Colpaert and Kurt Voss
Production Company Cineville Inc
Filming locations: Amargosa, NV - Death Valley Junction, CA and Rhyolite, NV