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Shot in 1980

This one is going to take a little more research. It becomes confusing at times. Alan Bloom, the director and ambulance driver was a respected professor at the California State University in Los Angeles, Ca. a film producer, director and a music video and game video writer. Bob Saget is a comedian well known for his role in "Full House". Some of the information I have read points to a Music Video, yet the Oakland Film Office has it listed as a Feature Film. The company that produced the film was owned by Alan Bloom but seems to be a web based graphics arts company today. I have request out to several film industries for information. Will update this page as I find more out.

Cast overview

Alan Bloom - Director
Thomas Creamer as Dr. Watts
Bob Saget as Therapy Patient
David Hienz as Therapy Patient
Joe Riffits as Terrorist Leader
Alan Bloom as Ambulance Driver
Produced by Z-Axis Entertainment

Alan Bloom as Ambulance Driver
Filming Locations

Death Valley National Park, California
Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
Oakland, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pine Barrens, New Jersey
Rhyolite, Nevada
Sebastopol, California
Terra Linda, California

Thomas Creamer as Dr. Watts

Received an email from the Director of this film. I am going to share the entire email, as I believe it says something about the director as well as the film. Thank you Mr. Bloom for giving us an inside look at your film.

Came across your "Devices" page. I was the director of "Devices", it is a Feature. While Bob Saget is in the film (one scene) he was not in the Rhyolite scene. Thomas Creamer playing the lead, "Dr. Watts" was in Rhyolite. The film was the story of a psychologist who uses questionable methods as a means of abusing his clients. When a therapy group turns on him, he finds himself abandoned in the desert (Rhyolite). The final scenes in the film take place in Rhyolite as the Doctor goes insane (the film ends with him walking in quite a nice tracking shot down the main road past the old bank building as the credits roll over him). I have always had a fondness for Rhyolite and have visited it several times since the early 70s, that is why I picked it as a film location (even though it was a difficult location because the July heat caused the film cameras to jam on occasion). I am still a professor at Cal State LA and yes I am still in the Television and Film business (and sometimes other media and the web). Cheers, Alan