Subject: Schoolhouse and students at Twin Springs, Nevada, about 1955.

Subject: Easter Sunday, about 1945, at the Twin springs Ranch. Joe Fallini, Jr., on the left with his cousin Virginia. Note the old stage building in the background.

Subject: Indian women shelling pine nuts at the cattle corrals above Tonopah. Picture taken prior to 1940.

Subject: Branding cattle on the Fallini Ranch during the 1940s. Ray Fallini, kneeling, is marking the animal's ear during what is called the "knife work." Joe Fallini is on the dark horse.

Subject: Dad Lorigan's cook wagon on a round-up at Crow's Nest, up Railroad Valley from Twin Springs. Ranchers got together and participated in round-ups, and Lorigan would cook for the entire crew.

Subject: Photo taken at the old stage building on the Fallini Ranch at Twin Springs, Nye County, Nevada. Joe Fallini stands at the right, next to his niece, Hazel Aragoni. Branding irons hang on the wall.

Subject: School at Tybo, Nye County, Nevada, late 1930s. Anna Baird Green, sister of Helen Baird Fallini, is in the back row, far left.

Subject: The children of Giovanni Fallini at the Eden Creek Ranch, about 1912. Included are Joe, Raymond, Mildred, and Ethel Fallini. Joe Fallini is the smallest child.
Subject: Oscar, the "Lefty," about 1975. Lefty is a calf whose mother has abandoned him. The Fallinis took the calf in and he became a pet of the family. "When he got to where he was so big that we had to send him out, why he never would stay with the cows, if we were around. And he always came over and aid down by the car and wanted us to play with him, "says Helen Fallini. "He would come up to the back gate and he'd bawl his head off because he wanted into the house to be fed."

Subject: Twin Springs, Nevada, early 1950s

Subject: Joe Fallini and his granddaughters, Lorinda and Karina Fallini.

Subject: Anna Baker, mother of Helen Fallini, Cherry, Arizona, 1915.

Subject: Monte Rore, an employee of the BLM at Battle Mountain. Photo taken at the Twin Springs Ranch in the aftermath of the 1948-49 snowstorm, when tractors were sent out to break roads to get to the cattle. The Fallinis lost over 600 head of cattle that year. Rore is operating a radio set up in Helen Fallini's livingroom.

Subject: Joe Fallini, about 1965

Subject: Fallini family and relatives. From left, Helen Fallini; unidentified person; Joe Fallini; Ethel Aragoni; Helen and Joe's son, Joe Fallini with wife Susan; and Mildred Lorigan.

Subject: The Fallinis would round up their cattle and drive them to Tonopah for shipment on the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad. In this photo, cattle are seen at the Tonopah shipping yards, about 1939..

Subject: George Chubey and a deer he shot at Eden Creek, Nye County, Nevada. late 1930s.

Subject: Anna Baker Baird, mother of Helen Fallini, about 1935. Children are Helen Fallini's sister Rosemary and her brother Charles. Photo taken at Baird's home in Tonopah, Nevada.

Subject: Old ranch buildings at Tybo occupied by a man named Constant, a cousin to the Fallinis, about 1940.

Subject: Joe Fallini with his pickup overlooking Tonopah, about 1935.

Subject: Rosemary Baird, sister to Helen Fallini, about 1935. Mizpah Mine is visible in the distance.

Subject: Helen Baird Fallini observing a cow stuck in the mud near Twin Springs, Nevada, about 1935.

Subject: Helen and Joe Fallini, Tonopah, Nevada, about 1935.

Subject: Helen Fallini in front of the wild rose bushes at Eden Creek, Kawich Mountains, about 1935. George Chubey took the photo with the intention of using it on a cover of some sheet music for songs that he had written during that period.

Subject: Anna Baker Baird, mother of Helen Fallini, in front of her home in Tonopah, Nevada, about 1934

Subject: The Merger Mill, located at Bellehelen, Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, about 1935.

Subject: Schoolhouse at Eden Creek, Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, about 1934. The school was located in front of the stone house, which belonged to Giovanni Fallini. The children are, left to right: Hazel Aragoni, Alice Pete, Dick Pete, and Lawrence Aragoni; the teacher is Helen Humphrey.

Subject: On the left is Blake Blaker, Helen Fallini's material grandfather, deputy sheriff of Wickenburg, Arizona. On the right is Charles Baird, Helen Fallini's father. Photo taken at Wickenburg, Arizona, ca. 1920

Subject: The old Elks Building on Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada, middle 1930s. The building was located next door to the present day (1989) post office.

Subject: The old Ford Midland Garage on Main Street, Tonopah, Nevada, early 1930s.

Subject: The Merger Mill located at Bellehelen, Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, middle 1930s.
Subject: Giovanni Fallini in front of his home at Eden Creek, Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, 1932 or 1933. Fallini is pictured with a pet hen he called his "Crople," meaning cripple; the little hen had broken her leg and, the story goes, a fellow was going to chop off her head. Fallini, a compassionate man who enjoyed doctoring animals, made a splint for the little hen's leg and nursed her back to health. Though she walked with a "funny hop" thereafter, she followed Fallini around like a dog.

Subject: Mr. and Mrs. Stingley, Eden Creek, Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, about 1935. The Stingleys had mining claims up Eden Creek.

Subject: Helen Baird Fallini and George Chubey, Eden Creek Ranch, Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, 1934.

Subject: Driving horses at the Fallini Ranch, about 1936.

Subject: One of the first diesel trucks to haul cattle off the Fallini Ranch, about 1938. Prior to the introduction of trucks, it was necessary to drive the cattle to Tonopah, where they were placed on the railroad.

Subject: Bautista Venner on the front porch of his home at the base of the Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, just west of the Reveille Mill in Reveille Valley, about 1938.

Subject: Joe Fallini and his horse at Eden Creek, Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, about 1934

Subject: Fourth of July celebration and parade in Tonopah, Nevada, in front of the Elks Lodge. Ca. - 1930

Subject: O.K. Reed at the Cedar Corrals, Cedar Pipeline, located south of the Kawich Mountains, Nye County, Nevada, 1919.