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Ghosts of the Golden West

Released in the United States 1932

10 minutes - B&W - Travelougel

Graphic heavy, please wait to load

Movie theater travelogue produced by Pathe films based in England. The title says produced in association with "The Three Musketeers". Makes one wonder if this was produced to be the intermission of this particular film. Voice over technology was used. The narrator gives the dramatic feel of the ghost towns.

Screen shots from the Newsreel

Narrated by Tom Kriss
Production Company Pathe Newsreels
Filming locations: Bodie, CA - Rawhide, NV - Tonopah,NV - Arora, NV - Rhyolite,NV - Goldfield, NV - Virginia City, NV - Goldpoint, NV and Reno, NV