Subject: Kenneth Hughes, brother of Pahrump resident Leon Hughes, atop a calf at the Pahrump Ranch, about 1937. Barn in the background is said to have been constructed prior to 1900 from timber sawed in Saw Mill Canyon in the spring Mountains. It contained a number of stalls and mangers in which stagecoach horses were quartered. The barn was torn down when Walt Williams moved to the Pahrump Ranch, and a shop was constructed on the site.

Subject: Kenneth Hughes on the Pahrump Ranch, about 1937, wearing a new hat and vest purchased by his father. Model-T Ford in background belonged to a man named Red Hennis, who worked on the ranch.

Subject: Leon Hughes, son of John R. Hughes, on the Pahrump Ranch, John Hughes was then the owner of the ranch.
Subject: Two young women at the Pahrump Ranch, all dressed up and nowhere to go. At left is Beryle Hughes, daughter of Pahrump Ranch owner John R. Hughes; at right is Mabel Ishmael, daughter of well-known Nye County resident George Ishmael. Photo was taken in 1938, when Beryle Hughes was 15 and Mabel Ishmael was 16. Beryle Hughes later became a model in Los Angeles.
Subject: Leon Hughes, son of Pahrump Ranch owner John R. Hughes, in front of the "old motel" located on the Pahrump Ranch, 1938. Hughes believes the motel was constructed around 1920 by the Pahrump Valley Company, under the ownership of Isadore Dockweiler, to house Dockweiler and his associates when they visited the ranch. It featured a screened porch, one bathroom, running water, a flush toilet, a kitchen, and four bedrooms. The "motel" burned down in the early 1940's.

Subject: Betty Jean Hughes, daughter of John R. Hughes, riding her brother Leon's horse, Chico, on the Pahrump Ranch about 1938. The fence in the background encircled the "motel" described in Hughes-5.

Subject: Betty Jean Hughes, daughter of Pahrump Ranch owner John R. Hughes, sitting on a calf on the Pahrump Ranch, about 1938. (For details on the barn see Photograph 1 in this series.)

Subject: Young stallion named Snit belonging to John Hughes on the Pahrump Ranch, about 1938. The horse was a mustang and was caught on the open range in the Pahrump Valley.

Subject: - About half of this photograph was eaten away by the mice while in storage. From left, Mabel Ishmael, Red Hughes, Beryle Hughes, and Leon Hughes about 1938. Pictured in back is what was called the old stagecoach hotel, located on the Pahrump Ranch. Leon Hughes believes the building was used as a hotel at the same time that the barn, pictured in Hughes-1, was used to quarter stagecoach horses, at a time when the Pahrump Ranch was a stage stop. The building featured a screened porch, kitchen, dining room and a hallway with rooms on each side. There were four rooms on one side and three on the other. The Hughes brothers slept on the porch during the summer months in beds that were blocked up on one side to make them level. The building is said to have burned down in 1943.

Subject: - Leon Hughes in the San Joaquin Valley, California, about 1935.

Subject: Leon Hughes and his horse, about 1938.

Subject: Mustang named Snit corralled on the Pahrump Ranch, about 1938. (See also Photograph 8 of this collection.)

Subject: Leon Hughes and his family in Pahrump Valley, mid 1950s.