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Released in the June 18, 2004

127 minutes - Color - Movie

Antonio owes the Robaldo family a hundred G's, Gray wants revenge on the street gang who mugged him, Jimmy's escaped from prison, and his brother/accomplice David has many serious mental conditions. Detective Brickley is hot on their trail willing to stop them with any means necessary, while a pair of rogue psychiatrists track them to discover the roots of David's condition. It isn't long before the paths of these characters cross with violent and tragic consequences. The result is a shocking and disturbing portrait of human nature at its worst that can only be summed up in one word: Malevolence.

Description from The Internet Movie Database

Some of the Cast

Jackamoe Buzzell
as Gray Corolla

Adam Yoder
as Joshua

P. David Miller
as Tony Arzenta

Gordon Mitchell
as Capo Fabrizio De Martino

Directors: Nick Groff, Michael A. Martinez - Writers: Nick Groff, Michael A. Martinez
Production Company: Film Harvest [prod co]
Filming locations: Las Vegas, Nevada - Beatty, Nevada