Subject: Robin Ruud stands beside a snowman he and his friend Brian King made following a two-day snowstorm in Pahrump, Nevada, in 1973.

Subject: - Mike Floyd heads out of the chute during a junior rodeo in Pahrump, Nevada, in the mid-1970's.

Subject: - Robin Ruud with his steer, Moby, at the J.C. Fair, about 1970. His sister, Joyce, is with her steer, Dynamite. the man inspecting Dynamite is undentified. the fair was held each year at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada; the Pahrump 4-H Club always participated.

Subject: - Jacque Ruud in a contemplative mood at the pond where she washed clothes after her family moved to Pahrump, Nevada. their dog, a Doberman, is in the background. the photo was taken in 1958.

Joyce Ruud at age four, standing before the trailer the family moved from California to Pahrump, Nevada. The photo was taken in 1958.

Subject: Bob Ruud in the backyard of his new home in Pahrump, Nevada, looking east toward Mount Charleston, 1968.

Subject: Joyce and Robin Ruud standing in front of their trailer in Pahrump, Nevada, in 1961.

Subject: - From left: Margaret Woner Elgorriagga, Lealla Woner Upton, Frank Woner, Lois Woner Clark, Jacque Woner Ruud, and Charlotte Woner Floyd in 1983 at Charlotte Woner Floyd's home.

Subject: this is the pond described in Photograph 4 of this collection. The artesian water was used for washing, play, and irrigation. this view is looking south. The photo was taken in 1958.

Subject: Rick Ruud In 1969 or 1970 after a jackrabbit hunt.

Subject: Taken at an El Riata trail ride sometime in the 1960s. El Riata was a horse training and riding club for the children of Pahrump, Nevada. Once a year the children went on a long ride, with a barbeque and overnight stay. Bob Ruud was chef; he would drive his cattle truck up, attach a tarp, cook, and let the smaller children sleep inside the truck.

Subject: Another view of the El Riata trail ride described in Photograph 11 of this collection. Some of the older children opted for motor bikes instead of horses.

Subject: Bob Ruud with his granddaughter Ricky in approximately 1980. Ricky is sporting a shawl Bob brought her from his trip to Guatemala.

Subject: Jacque Ruud and her mother, Mildred Hensley Woner, in 1981 at Pernicano's Italian Restaurant in Pahrump, Nevada. Mrs. Woner has been a Pahrump resident since about 1975.

Subject: Bob Ruud and his youngest son, Robin, in front of Frank Woner's house on the Pahrump Ranch, approximately 1965. the house (at right) is made of railroad ties. The fish were probably caught below Hoover Dam on the Colorado River.

Subject: An El Riata trail ride from the early 1970s (See Photograph 11, this collection). From left: Wally Duckett; Woody Woodworth (against the tree); Tiger Sandovito and her mother, Mrs. Sandovito; Herb Barra; and Mrs. Withers.

Subject: Another picture from the El Riata trail ride, ca. 1970

Subject: Bob Ruud wrapping meat for the Pahrump Harvest Festival in the early 1970s. Bob was the chef for the festival for about 12 years.

Subject: Jacque Ruud at the cotton gin in 1963 or 1964, standing beside the year's first bale of cotton. A prize was awarded for the first bale of the year, and growers used to practically handpick their first bale to try to win that prize.

Subject: Pahrump 4-H youngsters at a greased pig contest in 1968 or 1969. The kids kept and raised the pigs that they caught.

Subject: Rick Ruud with daughter Ricky down at the hay-cubing barn.

Subject: - The Simkins Ranch on the northern end of Pahrump, Nevada, in 1975, looking east.

Subject: Back row, from left: Margaret Woner Elgorriagga, Lealla Woner Upton, Frank Woner, Lois Woner Clark, Jacque Woner Ruud, and Charlotte Woner Floyd. Mildred Hensley Woner is in the center. Charlotte Woner Floyd's home, 1983.
Subject: Neighbors help the Ruuds break ground for their new home in September 1968. From left: Gary Bowman and his wife Alice; Mrs. Perry Bowman; Pauline Siri; Charlotte Woner Floyd; Mary Christiansen; Pete Peterson (of California); Ed Siri (the Pahrump deputy sheriff at the time); Carol Woner and her son Benny; (the blond-haired woman is not identified); Bea Floyd; Frank Woner; Perry Bowman; Hollis Harris; Jacque and Bob Ruud.

Subject: Al and Lynn Bells baling what probably is alfalfa, on the Simkins Ranch in 1975.
Subject: From left: Max Hafen, Bob Ruud, and Tim Hafen celebrate the completion of a cattle chute on the Ruuds' Basin Ranch. the chute was put together in cooperation with the state of Nevada and some of the advisory council from the University of Nevada, Reno, and is used for vaccination and de-horning.

Subject: Joyce Ruud shows her steer, Dynamite, at the J.C. Fair in Las Vegas, Nevada, about 1970.

Subject: Another shot of the greased pig competition described in Photograph 20 of this collection, 1968 or 1969. Holding onto the pig is one of the Mason boys.